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Medical and Legal Translations

Medical documents and reports normally must be translated before consulting a foreign physician either in your country or overseas. These documents require the upmost concern and must be done by professional medical translators.

Our global network includes several professional medical translators that will faithfully translate your medical report with its proper terminology in the target language of your choice.

Our professional medical translators are qualified to interpret and translate your reports and transcripts. We assure that our medical translators will elaborate a spot-on medical translation given that our network is currently employed by major medical institutions in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Medical and Legal TranslationsOur company applies strict quality control standards for every translation, but when it comes to your medical or legal translation we pay special attention to your document. All of our translations are revised and proofread by a second bilingual medical expert to ensure an accurate document regarding grammar, style in addition to medical and legal terminology.

Your legal documents should also be translated by expert legal professionals. Our global network will process your document in a dependable and trustworthy manner.  Our legal translators are completely qualified for interpreting, translating and certifying your documents. Our strict quality control standards are also used for legal translations, using a second professional to proofread and certify the original translation as an accurate rendition of the original legal document.

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