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Audio Transcripts

Webster defines a transcript as: “a written, printed, or typed copy; especially: a usually typed copy of dictated or recorded material”. In other words, an audio transcript is the task of taking an audio file and transforming into a text file. Traditionally, many conferences, seminars and e-seminars are transcribed and sent to participants or for publication in annual corporate memoirs.

Today, many symposiums, discussion groups, meetings, press conferences, trials, interviews, presentations as well as podcasts and audio and video marketing are subject to being transcribed in order to have a hard copy for later use.
Audio Translations and also offers the service of audio transcripts in several languages and our objective is to offer a true rendition without losing any authenticity of what was orally expressed using every detail of the original audio recording. We are aware that human oral communications are overflowing with other aspects besides words, such as variations in the tone of voice, pet phrases, silences, local terminology etc...

Our professionals are trained, through years of experience to listen to audio files and to craft text files without the use of automated voice recognition tools. Following this process there is a stern quality control process made by another professional translator where the original material is proofread and revised having styles, grammar and specially used terminology double-checked and improved if necessary.

We are qualified to receive digital files as well as analog files and we are also capable of sending transcripts in any format you may require.


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